Love, Election and Chocolate: Mifuyu Kiba, Michiru Morishita, Isara Aomi, Yuki Ojima's Mother, Ai Sarue, Kii Monzennaka, and Group.

by - February 02, 2020

Mifuyu is a classmate of Yuki who is repeating a year do to an illness.  She is usually reserved and has a scar on her stomach that she is self conscious about.

Michiru Morishita is a member of the FRC with catlike mannerisms.  She has the ability to see what mood people are in via their aura and rarely talks.

Isara Aomi is first year student who gets bullied for being a scholarship student.  She is very polite and joins Yuki's presidential campaign.

Yuki Ojima's mother seems like a fun loving and concerned parent.

Finally, we have some group shots.  Most contain pictures of Ai Sarue: A red hair girl with a carrot shaped pin in her hair.  And Kii Monzennaka: A blue hair girl with a fish shaped pin in her hair.  The two are childhood friends and are rarely seen separately.   The two have a fun loving and somewhat immature personality.

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