Princess Rouge (Legend of the Last Labyrinth): Rouge

by - February 17, 2020

A young princess from the underworld who has lost her memory, only remembering her first name, and literally falls out of the sky into the arms of orphaned high school student, Yusuke Mizuki. While initially suspicious of Yusuke's actions after taking her in, Rouge warms up to him greatly, and vice-versa. It isn't until Rouge's two sisters, Keige and Meige come to take her back home, when Yusuke realizes there's more to Rouge than meets the eye. Sadly, this OVA has been left unfinished after completing only 2 of the 6 planned episodes after the funding abruptly ran out. Despite the lack of a proper ending, this series is still beautifully animated, and has some great music to go along with it. I apologize for the lesser quality in the images, but it was the best I could do from online videos as I don't have the DVD. And this girl has some great feet scenes that can't be denied. If you have any further inquiries about Rouge or the OVA, just ask in the comments below.


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