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by - February 14, 2020


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Well it snowed twice this week. Winter is back, I guess. I was kinda quiet on the blog this week although I did review Sisters of the Vast Black. Reminds me of Becky Chambers' stuff in the best way. Also last week I talked a bit about the game Pandemic. I didn't get a chance to play this week but another game that came over my radar is The Red Dragon Inn. Has anyone tried it? 

With pockets full of adventurers' gold, it's finally time for the staff to take a break! The crew of the Red Dragon Inn join the party!

l guess it's a drinking game (not real drinking- although, I guess, you could)? You're a party of adventurers chilling in a tavern and the goal is to be the last character not passed out? Or the last character not to lose all their gold? Something along those lines. Anyway, clearly I need this game.  

riverdale abandon thread GIF by Madelaine Petsch

Songs from the DeepThe Andromeda Evolution (Andromeda #2)To Be Taught, If FortunateSisters of the Vast BlackAlone in the Wild (Rockton, #5)

Song of the week


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Good Girls Lie


I discovered this channel on Youtube this past week and ended up having this on in the background for 2 hours! It's a train drivers eye view from Norway and it's pretty awesome. Especially shortly after the 1:30 mark where she hits heavy snow!

I just wanted to point readers toward another site I really like- the artist is Oswaldo Kato and I love the fantastic images he comes up with- they're so otherwordly and whimsical. Twitter and Pixiv 

Image result for kato oswaldo


Image result for kato oswaldo

And to close out here's another ambient I really liked this week. 


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